Boulder Born

I moved to Boulder in the Fall of 1993 from Los Angeles. I had always loved Colorado from my younger years of coming here to ski at various resorts.  When I graduated college I packed my Uhaul, headed to Boulder and never looked back! Every Fall I am still filled with gratitude for the magnificence of this place.  Last week I literally sat at the base of the flatirons (pictured here) and was in awe of their beauty.  When I created Boulder Bake my inspiration was not only the beauty of Boulder but also the healthy, active lifestyle and innovation within the natural foods movement. Often referred to as the Silicon Valley of natural foods, Boulder has birthed many awesome food companies.  I am grateful to follow in their footsteps and to know that no matter how stressful life gets with the Pandemic, the election, wildfires...those flatirons are always there to gaze upon.