The Purpose of Boulder Bake

When the leaves turn and fall to the ground, as we prune back our peonies and perennials, all of the energy of the plant returns to the roots where it will stay focused on its purpose until Spring.  This time of year reminds me to keep rooted in my purpose as well as the purpose of my company, Boulder Bake.  The crisp, cool mornings are perfect for getting up slightly before everyone else and making a warm cup of tea and spending time in silence.  It is so easy to lose sight of our purpose when we are running around in reactive mode.  Stillness clears the mind, dampens anxiety and keeps us focused on our purpose.

 My purpose for Boulder Bake began as a desire to nourish people who have dietary restrictions with baked goods that evoke those warm feelings of childhood.  I wanted to take gluten free a step further.  I felt cheated when gluten free baked goods were simply a tradeoff of the offending gluten for highly refined potato and rice starch.  What if gluten free, grain free and vegan meant more nourishing?  Almonds give us this buttery, rich, protein packed base for our products.  The countless emails from consumers who have expressed their gratitude for my products is the fuel that keeps me going.

 Since my creation of Boulder Bake, my purpose has evolved to an even bigger cause: Women in Food.  Consider for a moment that likely 85-90% of you reading this email are women and that same percentage of those making the food/grocery purchasing decisions for their household are women.  However, only a very small percentage of those who are running companies that create these foods choices are women.  As we run our companies, the odds are for success are stacked against us, because of four levels of (typically) male decision makers:  brokers, distributors, buyers, and investors.  Most important are the investors, without whom a consumer-packaged goods company can’t survive.  Only 7% of investment dollars in our industry go towards female led companies, even though their businesses deliver higher revenue and are the fastest growing.  Female founders are arguably more poised for success, given their closeness to the issues.  Add a male cofounder and the investments go up to 17%. 


So how do we fix this?  I belong to a small group of women who are founders of companies in Boulder, CO., and that is a question we plan to tackle.  We are in the early stages, but we already have lots of ideas, and we are determined to make a difference!   When you put a group of women together and you mix in food and passion, real change is inevitable.  I wish you peaceful Fall days filled with love and purpose!



CEO & Founder, Boulder Bake